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You’d like to give self-build a try but you need a helping hand before biting the bullet or need to feel there’s someone available willing to provide advice when the going gets tough.

Self-Build Advice

So you need extra space or want to make general improvements to your property somewhat beyond a weekend DIY project but don’t know where to start or need to feel you have someone to call on for advice before starting.

We can provide you with sound advice regarding the need for relevant permissions and by getting to know your situation regarding skills, previous experience if any and budget, we will be able to assess your likelihood of success depending upon the construction method you propose to use.

We will reveal to you a simple but powerful free hand technique anyone can use to make you think like a professional.

It will help you organise any sized piece of work into a logical sequence of activities and once complete indicates where you are lacking skills/ tools/ materials or human resources required to complete it.  

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