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A belt and braces approach to support a house buyer’s purchase decision in the current climate.

Property Investment Report

To help you chose wisely, Elegant Design has created the “Property Investment Report” Service, designed to help you avoid mistakes during the purchasing process.

How often do we hear the agent say their client has overspent on their home and can’t afford to let it go for less?


Poor choices early on may limit future capitol growth potential. You need to maximise the opportunity by intelligently developing your purchase into a model home at a particular price point that both you, and others after you, want to live in.

This report will serve as a sanity checker before making your final decision, you shouldn’t regard every thing you hear as gospel truth.

You do need to check everything stacks-up before moving forward.


Elegant Design’s service includes:

1. investigate the capitol growth potential due to local area regeneration,

2. survey the house for plot and layout suitability,

3. capture your ideal home requirements aligned to this address,

4. sketch a few design layouts for you to choose from,

5a. confirm your choice of layout is viable with the local planning office under a Permitted Development Certificate, or

5b. obtain a confident decision from the local duty planning officer that permission would most likely be granted when applied for.

(To future proof your plans completely we’d need to secure full permission to proceed with alterations at the relevant address, which we could do for an additional sum).

6. Elegant Design will then present you with the initial plan drawings produced for your chosen design for you to have built at a future date with a short report describing the potential of the investment opportunity.

This service, unique to Elegant Design, future-proofs your decision to buy a specific home and removes almost all the unknowns up-front enabling you to reap the benefits of a shrewd investment in future.




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